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Non-DOT Drug Screens

What is a Non-DOT drug screen?

A Non-DOT drug screen is a drug test that isn't regulated by the Department of Transportation.

Who needs it?

All businesses and associations where work safety is important or a drug free workplace is desirable.

When should you drug test?

You should perform drug tests in the following situations:

  • After a workplace accident
  • If your employee is acting strange with behavior changes or if you have reasonable suspicion that your employee is under the influence of drugs
  • Randomly

We can administer single person drug testing or full office drug tests in a variety of ways such as urine, oral swab, and hair follicle.
If you have an account with a lab and need an onsite collection or multiple collections do not hesitate to contact us.  Our technicians are certified and trained according with 49CFR part and we follow the steps and procedures according to 49 CFR part 40.