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Drinking on the job is a huge liability and makes for an unsafe workplace.  If you're suspicious about alcohol consumption on the job, call us and we'll administer test.

We can perform the testing by the following methods

  • Breath - Breathalyzers provide instant results and is commonly used by for DOT mandated so it must be performed by a certified breath alcohol technician in the even that a confirmation is requited.
  • Urine -  Easy to test and it confirms alcohol ingestion if alcohol has been consumed 3-4 days prior or 80-90 hours after the liver metabolizes alcohol.
  • Saliva -  Is over 95 % accurate and uses saliva to test alcohol levels from 0.02-0.33%. If a Saliva test is positive a confirmation test is required using a breathalyzer performed by a BAT (breath alcohol technician)